Stansborough Alpacas

What are Alpacas?
Alpacas are members of the camelid family. They originate from an area of the High Andes Mountains in South America, known as the Altiplano; 8000-15000 feet above sea level. The unique properties of their fibre enables them to endure conditions of +35º to –35º Celsius. This quality was first harnessed by the Incas of Peru and is truly the ‘Fibre of the Gods’ Alpacas have an 11 and a half month gestation period. The cria (young) are conveniently born in the daytime. Life expectancy is around 15 – 20 years and females remain fertile for most of that time. Alpacas produce 3-5kg of fibre each year.Alpacas thrive on marginal pasture; are easy to halter train, lead and transport; and are friendly and intelligent. They have a delightful nature, are extremely hardy and easy to care for. Alpacas don’t even need special fencing!

Why Invest in Alpacas?
New Zealand has currently only approximately 10,000 Alpacas… become part of this exciting, prestigious and growing industry. With over 100,000 lifestyle blocks in New Zealand, potential sales are extremely positive. Your investment increases as your flock grows. Each female can produce one baby (cria) annually. Values should remain stable for years. What other investment can achieve great returns and give such pleasure at the same time?

Do you need your own land?
No, not necessarily. At Stansborough, we can manage your Alpacas for a small monthly fee. 

What do they cost?
You can start with a pet male Alpaca for as little as NZ$500 + GST. Young breeding females start at NZ$2000 +GST. Come and talk to us about starter herd packages, stud services etc all at competitive prices.

What else do we offer?

  • Top quality,
  • healthy animals for sale
  • Dense Fine Fibre
  • Long Established Pedigrees
  • AA Registration
  • TB Accreditation
  • Fibre ‘Buy Back’ Option
  • Halter Training
  • Delivery
  • Ongoing advice & support (and 18 years experience with camelids)
  • Individual ‘hands on’ introductory days/weekends (cottage available)
  • Adjistment (on site management)
  • A background in commercial farming on 1000 hectares