Hats, Lord of the Rings Authentic Trilogy Fellowship Cloak Fabric Cheesecutters


Traditionally woven by Stansborough and handcrafted by local artisan hat maker, lined, cosy and stylish. So suitable for men and women of for all ages . The Authentic LOTR Fabric as woven by Stansborough for the authentic Fellowship Cloaks for their special journey through Middle Earth. Special Price – Authentic Grey only Med and Large –   while stocks last  at this discounted price,  direct from the weavers and hand crafted in Middle Earth from LOTR fabric woven on historic looms dating back to 1890. PLEASE NOTE BOX SHOWN NO INCLUDED.

Size: Small – 54/55cms, Med – 56/57cms, Lg – 58/59cms,  Xlarge – 60/61cms
Colour:  LOTR Fellowship Authentic Grey in Med and Large Cheesecutter on sale only,  while stocks last –   
Content:  Stansborough Grey Authentic LOTR Fellowship Cloak fabric, 100% Wool Stansborough Grey Wool

Regular LOTR Cheesecutter hat colours also avail, but at normal price  and in various sizes ($205) Please enquire re size and colours avail


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