Knitting Yarn Gift Pack- Mithril Two Pack


2 x 50gm Balls of 8 ply semi worsted Mithril Knitting Yarn in our two pack of colours for a special Event, Valentine project or Birthday Gift – Please indicate which colours you would like in your gift box.
Packaged in a smart gold swirl box perfect for gifting to that knit a holic! Or Knit something unique for Hobbit or LOTR Fan you love.  Let us know your two colour choice when ordering and whether woollen spun or semi worsted.

Please note this yarn is from a bygone era, so like the wools of old. It is a long staple fleece and therefore is more durable for projects, with less pilling like many modern yarns on the market, though perhaps not so soft. To soften, please soak in hand hot water, mixed with wool wash and conditioner, leave for around 15 minutes, then spin and dry flat. Hot steam press. This will soften the finish product and give you years of enjoyment. You now have a choice of two luxurious yarns, woollen spun or semi worsted spun.

Colours avail: Semi Worsted –  Kokako (light mid grey) Takahe (blue) Raupo (brick) Rata (red) Kakariki (green) Manuka (pink)   Woollen Spun (Takahe – Blue) Kokako Mid Grey, Rata (red) Kakariki (green) only for this two pack option deal.



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