Fellowship Fabric Child’s Cloak


These fantastic child sized mini Fellowship Fabric Kids Cloaks are created from the actual fabric that was designed and woven in NZ’s “Middle Earth”TM and used for the original Fellowship cloaks in the Movie Trilogy. The unique copyright Stansborough Designs are traditionally woven on historic looms, hand finished and individually made by Artisan’s. The yarns used to weave this product, are spun from rare grey sheep wool,  unique in the world, and used to weave many fabrics for the movies. Stansborough creates its own textiles for a range of clients and was delighted to have their exclusive designs used to create the special costumes for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Natural, sustainable, biodegradable  and no chemicals are used in the processing of this incredible product.

These have smaller hoods  and are not double lined, so more practical for the little ones and stay on their heads! The neck size and hood size is also not suitable for adults, large or small.

Length approx 90cm finished length, however sizes can be made up for smaller children, this is the max size for a childs cloak though – please contact us for other details or age of child

Size:  Approx 90cm from neck base to hem
Colour:  Authentic Grey
Content: Stansborough Grey Wool unlined



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