Fellowship Fabric Wrap


These one of a kind Fellowship Fabric Wraps are created from the actual fabric that was designed and woven in NZ’s “Middle Earth”TM and used for the original Fellowship Cloaks in the Movie Trilogy. The unique copyright, showcases not only Stansborough designs, but also the Artisans who weave these textiles on historic looms. The yarns used, are spun from the one of a kind Stansborough Grey sheep, the wool is unique in the world, and used to weave many fabrics for the movies. Stansborough creates its own textiles for a range of clients worldwide and was delighted to have their exclusive designs used to create the special costumes for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Natural, sustainable, biodegradable and no chemicals are used in the processing of this incredible product.

Available in a range of subtle hues, over the authentic grey base.


Size:  80 x 200cm
Colour:  Authentic Grey, Moss Green, Fun Red, Azzuro Blue, Desert Sands, Earth Browns
Content: Stansborough Grey Wool or Stansborough Grey Wool and Alpaca

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Colour Accent

Authentic Grey, Desert, Moss, Earth, Red, Azzuro Blue


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