Moroccan Super Size Q/K Blankets – Totally unique


Traditionally woven, one-off, fun loving and cosy. These designer blankets in light/medium weight are striking and vibrant. Perfect for injecting some lively energy into your home or home stage. All made as one off’s and unique. Colour combination will vary depending on the overdyed grey yarn shades available for each run of this stunning design. Now back in stock in various combinations – each one unique and never quite the same, so similar to design/colour options shown only.  While some are plane weaves, some have a subtle twill design for a different look. We are happy to send further images of individual blankets on request as these change depending on what overdyed grey colours are avail and either light or mid grey base etc. Come in and take a look or talk to us on line and we can send current options avail. We can find something that suits your specific needs. Large Queen King size without fringes.

Size: 2.6m x 2.8m without fringes. Large enough for king size beds
Colour:  Various one off Coloured blocks with finer stripes in contrasting colours, over a light grey base.

Content: 100% Stansborough Grey Wool – biodegradable colourfast overdyes. Medium to regular Stansborough brushed wool weight.

Current Various Colour options when in stock: plain or Twill weave over mid or light grey base.
Mixes of Rust/Bright Gold/light moss stripe – Burgundy/Emerald/Mustard stripe – Riviera blue/Navy/Mustard Stripe – Gold/Rivera Blue/Burgundy – Burg/Riviera Blue/Moss, mid Blue, mid moss with Gold or Rust with finer Gold or Burgundy Stripes

Twill (reverse) weave Options:  –  beige/dk fawn/coffee with coffee stripe, riviera blue/lt moss with yellow stripe,  mid blue/ mid moss with yellow stripe, mid moss/tussock and burgundy stripe





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