Pelt Pillow – Stansborough Grey Pelt – Natural greys BW Backing


These pelts are in high demand, so may not be immediately available –  Limited pillows  now available Please note that each pelt unique and some have tighter curls than others depending on the pelt and the shade. Some are solid and others have stripes of shades diagonally or across the centre of the pelt, we utilise this to enhance the design of the pillows. All are totally different and two are never the same, though we do try and control the length, lustre and curl of the fleeces where possible.

Individually Handcrafted, super lustrous texture and appearance. 100% Natural Pelt Pillows with Grey Fabric one side, zipped.

Please note that backing is Stansborough BW Grey Wool, not the LOTR Design as shown, unless ordered especially and made to order.

Size:  Approx  43 x 43cm  or  60cm x 40cm as available
Colour: Natural Grey – light & medium (dark pelt currently out of stock).
Content: Stansborough Grey Pelt  unfilled – just add your own wool inner  Stansborough Grey is  a unique registered breed of sheep in their own right and the only flock of it’s kind in the world.


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