Pure Wool Poncho


Designer Ponchos made from 100% Stansborough Grey Wool. This item was designed and created right here in our Stansborough Mill in Petone. Our wool yarns are overdyed over the grey base into stunning red and golds as shown and woven with striking border (as worn by some of the Disney characters in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or Grey Fabric – as in Lord of the Rings Movies Movies)

A combination of colours make these pieces a stunning showcase for anyone to wear.

Approx 1.8/1.9cm total length from end to end – (therefore approx .8/.9cm front and back from shoulder to hem) Made with or without fringes in this length. This is slightly thicker fabric, so unlined.

Please note: that some of these options have hoods (Poncho) and others are Dolman style without hood, and open in the front (as per the red/red option shown) . Please state your preference when ordering, colour or Poncho Style or Dolman Style.

Red/Gold option Not Shown, with hood – 1 only currently available in Red/Gold – more avail mid January 2019

Red/Option Shown – no hood, Out of Stock – until mid January 2019

Gold/Gold Option Shown – with hood – Out of Stock – until mid January 2019

Grey Option, Shown with Hood and Fringe – LOTR Fabric in Authentic Grey



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