Cosy Quilt Throw – Luxurious Double Weave Classic Design


Stansborough Timeless Elegance at it’s best! Back in stock now for winter

Traditionally woven intricate double weave, a heavier weight, which is both classic design, stylish and modern – a new take on traditional concept. These luxurious quilt throws (with approx 5 x 3cm blocks) make a stunning heirloom piece folded at the end of your double bed or back of the sofa, ready to complete any exquisite interior and extra warmth.  Pull up on those extra cold nights or snuggle around yourself while sitting in front of a blazing wood fire. This timeless, traditional design will enhance any interior.

Size: 140 x 200cm sewn ends, no fringes
Colour:  Natural Stansborough Grey base, with accents of :Light/Dark Grey, Azurro Blue, Dusty Pink, Chestnut/Coffee, Dark Moss, Black, Fun Red and Bright Gold  from left to right – approx 5cm x 3cm squares.
Content: 100% Stansborough Grey Wool



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