Brushed Wool Throws


Traditionally woven and contemporary design. A sophisticated and stylish Throw blanket that will breathe new life into your home. Soft Warm and snugly, perfect for inside/outside living – wrapped in front of TV, end of the bed, on the chair, picnic by the car, rugby box, on the yacht or outside wedding,  as the evening cools. Durable, easy care, breathable, natural wool in oh so many different designs.

Size: 135 x 180cm
Colour / Design options: Reverse Ecru Check, Chalet Grey, Chalet Black, Chalet Block Stripe, Black Check, Ecru Check, Ecru Stripe, Black Stripe, Haggis, Rubic, Ecru Check Twill and Reverse Ecru Check Twill and Ecru Vert Twill Line, Cherokee and Herringbone.  Currently over the dark grey lambswool base available in most cases.
Content: 100% Stansborough Grey Wool – natural lambswool dk grey or natural mid grey.

Please note:  Grey Hues shown may vary slightly in base, so could be slightly darker grey or lighter grey base.   These are natural grey colours and the grey will change slightly from batch to batch also.   Images shown are representative of the design and will be in whatever base is avail at the time of order.  Please let us know if you specifically want a light base of more fulled finish.

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